• Do you have a trial period?

    Yes, we offer 14 days trial period. You can create your app and explore all its features. No credit card needed.

  • How do I get customets see my app?

    1. You will get your own link. Post it in your social media or embed our plugin into your website to begin taking orders immediately.
    2. We will provide you with a QR-code for people to scan and open your app. You can also use it to inform people in your area that you do deliveries.

  • How can I receive payments?

    We will provide you with an integration with a payment processor of your choice. After the checkout, customers will be redirected to the payment gateway to complete their order.

  • What about delivery?

    You have options of pickup, delivery by your staff and 3rd party delivery service. You can combine these options to make it most effective and to save your money.
    For example, you can deliver yourself within your local area and automatically book a 3rd party service for long distance deliveries.

  • Does it work with IOS or Android?

    It's a web-app. Meaning it's working in a browser and is compartible with any device. It desn't need App Store or Google Play to be installed. All your customers need is to click a link to open it and then install (optionally).
    If the link is opened from a desktop - it works like a web-site.

  • What if I need help to setup my app?

    While setting your app is as simple as creating a social media profile, we are happy to help and save your time. You can give us your menu as a file of any format and we will import it for you at no extra cost, as soon as you are on the paid plan.

  • Is there a contract? What if I want to cancel?

    No long term obligations from your side. You can stop your monthly payment at any time and your account will be put on pause, with all your data kept for one year.

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